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High intensity interval training (HIIT) has gained recent popularity in the fitness industry. HIIT consists of intermittent sessions of intense exercise alternated with brief rest periods. Its popularity is due to its shorter time commitment compared to your typical cardio workout routine. Below are some simple tips to keep yourself motivated and stick with your HIIT workout routine.

1. Don’t Look for Free Time- JUST DO IT
Lack of time is the most common reason people are unable to stick with an exercise program. HIIT provides great results in less time, making it an excellent workout plan for busy people.The question isn’t can you, it’s will you.

2. Think Positive
Stay motivated by changing your thought processes. Think of soreness as your muscles tightening. Love your sweat- it’s your fat crying. Inspire yourself- you’re just one workout away from happy. (Exercise induces happy hormones.) View exercise as your stress reliever. Productive days are the ones with quick HIIT exercises thrown into the mix. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

3. Schedule A Workout Just As You Would A Meeting
Design a schedule for yourself and be consistent with it. Classify your tasks and set times for each item on your “to-do” list. Use a mobile app, such as shortrandomworkout, which does all the thinking for you- no need for a personal trainer. You won’t miss a workout because it wasn’t in your schedule.

4. Keep a Journal
Track your progress. Record the number of calories lost each day through exercise. This provides a sense of achievement and motivation to continue your HIIT workout plan. You can keep a physical log, such as a book, or a virtual log. Some of the best fitness apps keep a record of your progress for you.

5. Mix It Up
Doing the same exercises every day is just plain boring. Bring variety into your fitness program. Mix cardio with toning exercises using an interval timer. (The essence of HITT.) Accessorize running with some push ups and planks. Throw some squats and lunges into your upper body workout. A variety of exercises keep your body from adapting so it works harder and continues burning fat even at rest. Shortrandomworkout is a free fitness app that allows you to choose from dozens of full body workouts. There are many fitness websites that provide the variety your body needs to keep your workouts effective.

6. Move to the Music
Music is a powerful motivator. Research shows that music makes exercise feel easier and more enjoyable. i. Move your body to the rhythm of the beat. Music pushes you to work harder, longer. So, grab your iPod and just do it. (Nike telling it is.)

7. Find a Community
Finding the right company is extremely motivating. Find friends who exercise and encourage you to as well. If working out alone is difficult, attend group exercise programs. Consider joining an online community you can share your progress with. Check out virtual communities like Google Hangouts, GroupMe, and other fitness websites for more motivation.

Remember, the hardest thing about exercise is to start. Once you start, the hardest thing is to stop. “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”- hasfit.

i Barney, David; Gust, Anita; Liguori, Gary. College Students’ Usage of Personal Music Players (PMP) during Exercise. ICHPER-SD Journal of Research, v7 n1 p23-26 Spr-Sum 2012

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