There’s no competition! Other high intensity interval training apps typically have only 12 exercises and then offer a few more that you have to pay extra for. We don’t mess around: Short Random Workout gives you 50 exercises, all available right from the start. Tired of the same old fixed workout routine offered by your other apps? Short Random Workout uses randomization logic to offer you a new workout each time while targeting various parts of your body in a balanced fashion. Cardio, arms, chest, abs, core, legs – it’s all here. Does your other app offer only a fixed workout duration? Well scream FREEDOM because Short Random Workout lets you decide how long you work out for. Now you can slowly build up your intensity over time as your stamina and strength increase – true progression! Short Random Workout also lets you configure which exercises are used in your workouts, track the number of reps you perform, view your performance history, and read some of the research behind the scientifically proven fitness methods used in designing this app.

Now, we’re not saying you’ll end up deleting all your other high intensity interval training apps. But once you try Short Random Workout, we can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to.