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Perfect Form Push-Up

Push-ups are an excellent upper body workout recommended by personal trainers for sculpted arms. Plus no equipment is necessary so they can be done at home or virtually anywhere.

There are many variations, each with specific techniques to squeeze out results. Check out our tips for proper form below.

Classic Push-Up

Plank your body on palms and toes. Keep a straight line from head to toe – your hips should not sag down or pop up. Arms should be directly below the shoulders and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Push your shoulders back, away from the ears.

Once you’re in the position described above, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Then push up forcefully back into starting position. You can also get a mini ab workout at the same time by engaging your core and tightening the abs.

Easier Push-Up Variations

If you can’t do the push-up described above, no biggie. Follow the modifications below to still see great results while working your way up to the classic push-up.

  • Rest your planked body on knees instead of toes. The closer to the ground you drop your feet, the easier the push-up becomes.
  • Bring your arms in slightly so they are directly below your shoulders rather than wider apart.
  • If both of the above are too difficult, ease yourself in by doing standing wall push-ups.

More Challenging Push-Up Variations

Looking for some serious body building? Not feeling the burn with a classic push-up? Spice it up using these great modifications:

Wide Arm Push-Up

Keep your arms below the shoulders, but MUCH wider than shoulder width apart. Palms facing outward rather than forward.

Diamond Push-Up

Place your hands directly under your chest, making a diamond shape by touching the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together.

Arms By Your Side

Bring your arms in close to the body – underneath and parallel to your body rather than away and perpendicular to it.

Any of the push-up modifications above are excellent toning exercises to enhance your fitness program.

Author's bio: Naghma Husain is a professional educator, a nutrition and fitness coach, and a mom of three. She specializes in creating fun and easy fitness plans leading to permanent weight loss and overall better health. She writes for our blog using her experiences through many years of implementing small lifestyle changes through exercise and nutrition.

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