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High intensity interval training

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Short Random Workout

It ends here: your sedentary lifestyle. There’s no excuse you can muster once you begin using this app. Start with just a few minutes a day. If it needs to be 1 minute, so be it. Don’t have a free minute to do a workout? Don’t kid yourself. Just follow the randomly generated workout and make sure you do it every day – preferably at the same time of the day if possible. Your goal: let the workout become habitual; so ingrained in your routine that you feel weird if you miss it. Once that happens, you’ve won half the battle. All you need to do then, is to start increasing the workout duration. A minute increase every few days or so works fine. Before you realize it, you’ll have conditioned yourself to workout daily and intensely, with randomly generated exercises that never leave you feeling bored. Sounds good? It’s time to get up now.

Why Use Short Random Workout?

There’s no competition! Other high intensity interval training apps typically have only 12 exercises and then offer a few more that you have to pay extra for. We don’t mess around: Short Random Workout gives you 50 exercises, all available right from the start. Tired of the same old fixed workout routine offered by your other apps? Short Random Workout uses randomization logic to offer you a new workout each time while targeting various parts of your body in a balanced fashion. Cardio, arms, chest, abs, core, legs – it’s all here. Does your other app offer only a fixed workout duration? Well scream FREEDOM because Short Random Workout lets you decide how long you work out for. Now you can slowly build up your intensity over time as your stamina and strength increase – true progression! Short Random Workout also lets you configure which exercises are used in your workouts, track the number of reps you perform, view your performance history, and read some of the research behind the scientifically proven fitness methods used in designing this app.

Now, we’re not saying you’ll end up deleting all your other high intensity interval training apps. But once you try Short Random Workout, we can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to.

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is scientifically proven to give you maximum results with minimum time invested. Study after study has categorically demonstrated that short bursts of highly intense exercise is vastly more effective than long periods of steady state exercise. In between these short intervals are rest periods where the body can briefly recover before starting the next exercise. HIIT works your cardiovascular system while also incorporating aspects of strength training providing the most efficient means of burning fat without losing muscle. Your body will even continue the calorie burn in the post exercise period (called EPOC) while it recovers from the intensity you unleashed on it. If your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, get seriously ripped and to live an overall healthier lifestyle, and you want to do it in the easiest and least time consuming way as possible, HIIT with Short Random Workout is what you’ve been looking for.

Excuse Checklist

  • Excuse: I don’t have time to workout.
  • Response: You can start with just a few minutes (even 1 is fine) and add a minute every once in a while. Without even realizing it, the workout will have worked itself into your schedule. If you try to pretend you don’t have even just a few minutes free in your day, no one will believe you (least of all yourself).
  • Excuse: I don’t have any experience working out.
  • Response: This is as beginner as it comes. With a virtual on-screen personal trainer demonstrating the exercises for you, you’ll get better over time. You’ll naturally increasing your intensity and workout duration, and get a serious sweat on as you progress. Your days as a novice are numbered.
  • Excuse: I don’t have any space at home to work out.
  • Response: You need an empty space the width of your two arms by your height plus two feet. Even a prison cell would be big enough.
  • Excuse: I don’t have any workout equipment.
  • Response: No need for a treadmill, elliptical, dumbbells, weights, or whatever else you’re worried about wasting money on. In fact, you don’t need anything other than a chair. We’ll wager you have at least one of those lying around at home somewhere.
  • Excuse: There are so many types of workouts that I’m confused which one is best.
  • Response: Over the years we’ve seen fitness fads come and go: Bowflex™, Tae Bo™, Thighmaster™, aerobics, Ab Roller™, Pilates, NordicTrack™, Yoga, juicing, spinning, and Crossfit™. Take marketing and anecdotal evidence out of the picture and all that matters is what is scientifically proven to work. HIIT is an exercise methodology that is supported by numerous independent studies from various academic institutions with no affiliation to corporations or products. This is key: HIIT is a methodology, not a product or trademarked formula to be sold. Short Random Workout uses the HIIT methodology in the most effective way we could come up with to give you an exercise program that will give you real results. It’s hard to argue with science.
  • Excuse: I just want to tighten up my tummy / get a six-pack so I’m only interested in ab workouts.
  • Response: That’s not how fat loss works. Short of getting liposuction, it’s impossible to get rid of fat in just one part of your body. Also, abdominal exercises strengthen your abdominal muscles, but most likely that isn’t your problem. Even with strong abs, you won’t be able to see them if there is a layer of fat covering them. To lose tummy fat, you need to burn it with high intensity cardio exercises. Short Random Workout provides you with exactly that and more.
  • Excuse: I want to work certain muscle groups and I’m not sure about focus, intensity, recovery periods, etc.
  • Response: Short Random Workout targets your abs, chest, biceps, triceps, forearms, quads, calves, traps, glutes (that’s a fancy word for your butt) in addition to cardiovascular exercise interspersed throughout. Because the exercises are intermittent with fixed durations, you won’t be working your muscles until failure and hence recovery days are unnecessary. Short Random Workout is a great gateway to a strength training program.
  • Excuse: I’ve got an injury on X part of my body.
  • Response: You can customize what exercises are excluded from your workouts. Short Random Workout makes it very easy to get the benefits of HIIT without aggravating any existing injuries.
  • Excuse: I just don’t have any interest in working out.
  • Response: Do you really want to be in an utterly miserable physical condition when you get older? Constant pain, impaired mobility, lots of visits to the doctor? You can avoid that from ever happening by investing just a few minutes each day starting now. Even just 7 minutes (New York Times Scientific 7 Minute), or 4 minutes (Tabata) is enough to make a difference. We know with certainty, based on countless studies, that exercise reduces susceptibility to numerous diseases and health problems. On top of that, regular exercise has been shown to boost energy, improve mood and brain function, and not to mention make you look better naked. Be honest: do you really think there is even a remote possibility that you will regret this decision once you start?
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Random so it stays fresh every time. Love this!

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Easy to perform exercises wherever we are!

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Great mix of body weight training and cardiovascular. I love the tracking also.

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